The Auction

Sixpence Label wants to make people aware about the pollution in the fashion industry, wants to activate people to make conscious choices regarding this and change their view on secondhand clothing and upcycling. The first and foremost push we like to give is trough the making of an original collection that inspires people to upcycle, but we would like to do much more than that. Because inspiring locally will not change that much in the industry globally. So we decided to do an auction and raise money to donate.

On the 16th of January at Saxion UAS in Enschede (input location) we manage an event. On this event we show the individual pieces in a runway show, showcase some other things and at the end of the day hold an auction. We invite you, and everyone you know, to get inspired and make a difference. At the auction we auction the individual pieces to raise as much money as we can which we will donate to[….]. So we can tackle the problems of the industry more thoroughly.

It is of course also possible to donate right now if you cannot make it to the auction or in general want to make a difference. Every pence helps.