Terre des Hommes is an international umbrella organisation that operates in countries all around the world. It focusses its attention to children exploitation, specifically child labour, child abuse, sexual exploitation and child trafficking and additionally provides humanitarian aid caused by wars or natural disasters. Terre des Homes is also investing in education and provides protection and legal aid to victims. Their programmes are mostly situated in Asia and East Africa as well as The Middle East, Europe and the US.

Terre des Holmes funds its programmes in several ways including the selling of used goods. The secondhand shops sell mostly smaller items, including clothing, toys and books. Terre des Homes has several stores throughout The Netherlands, including one in Enschede, which are completely run by volunteers. The profit from the stores goes directly to their own programmes.

Location – Oldenzaalsestraat 93
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appel_en_ei_logoAppel & Ei
Literally translated as Apple and Egg, this Dutch company sells unique secondhand clothing. They are one of the leading companies in the secondhand clothing branch for over 15 years and have several stores throughout The Netherlands. One of the stores lies in the heart of Enschede. It is a spacious and characteristic shop with a homely atmosphere.

Appel & Ei values sustainability and recycling and thus collects used clothing and gives them a second live by reselling them. Items that could not be sold are donated. Since the store in Enschede opened in March 2015 they have donated over 4000 kilos of clothing to the church foundation ‘Eastern-Europe’, which supply clothing to the people who need it the most.

Location – Markstraat 10
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Instagram – @appelenei


Mevrouw Brusse
The store of Alice Brusse is one of a kind. It sells an interesting collection of used goods which includes pottery, secondhand clothing, glass items, vintage clothing and theatres props. Alice makes sure to sell unique goods that you cannot find elsewhere easily.

Besides her work in the store Alice Brusse also uses her collection to dress weddings, parties and supplies props to theaters and performance groups.

Location: Kottendijk 68
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De Wonne
Situated near Noorderhagen in Enschede lies the residential community De Wonne. It is a religious community where people live together with values regarding the life philosophy of Franciscus of Assisi. This philosophy emphasizes minimalism, brotherhood and equality. De Wonne is run by its residents and volunteers who try to maintain a sustainable lifestyle, by being critical of wealth, consumerism and individualism.

To sustain the community of 40 people De Wonne has two small shops that sell goods they had received from locals. It is an ever-changing range of products varying from clothing, to pottery and furniture.

Location – Noorderhagen 25
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