The Sixpence Christmas Special

Christmas theme cookies

As you know we’re all about the upcycling – making old clothing into beautiful new pieces. And as The Holidays are coming Sixpence presents something special – two X-Mas workshops! On the 14th and 18th of December.

During this workshop we help you to upcycle pre-loved garments like we do, while enjoying some Christmas cookies and hot chocolate – it’s the perfect weather for it. You only need to bring a shirt or an old T-shirt and we help you turn it into something special. Find out more about it on our Facebook. Quite a few spots are already taken so apply quickly.

To get you excited for our workshop and to inspire you we want to share some of the most awesome Do It Yourselves one can create from a shirt. Maybe you want something practical, maybe you want something simple or maybe even a little sexy or edgy? There are a lot of things one can do with a simple shirt. Let’s check it out



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One Bottle, One Bag. 

Difficulty Level: ★☆☆☆☆
We bet many of you know the situation in which you need to bring a whole bag for just one bottle of wine… Maybe you have to pay extra for bringing a bag, or maybe it simply is annoying or not matching your outfit. Whatever it is, we know the deal. So why not make a wine bottle from an old shirt? Two problems solved!

wine bottle bag


Show off your Skills.

Difficulty Level: ★★★★☆
Looking to turn that unflattering shirt into something a little more sensual, casual and good looking? Catch a lot of eyes with this cute but stylish Ruffle Shirt. It might look a bit cold at first sight, but it’s a great top for the early sweaty hours on the dance floor. We think the Ruffle Shirt is a great example of a garment both stylish and practical: it can be worn both seasons and on many occasions while looking casually sexy.

Xmas Workshop-04

We hope you got inspired to join us on the workshop, or if you cannot attend, to start your own projects, because we are! Hopefully see you during the workshop, don’t forget you send us a message!


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