Let’s make differentiation through activation!


Don’t make donation an obligation, make it your temptation. No, make it education.
Make this nation a foundation, an organisation, an investigation?
This population is in the same situation. It is about participation and consideration. Everyone needs regulation; communication; migration. Let’s make differentiation through activation.

And with that we want to introduce some of our top candidates for donating the money that we will earn with our beautiful upcycled festival collection.

The Netherlands is one of the countries that donate the most. To be more specific, the Netherlands are on ranking 7 of all countries and has a world giving index score of 54%. The highest giving index score is 57% from Australia and New Zealand (The Guardian, 2010). And we are proud of it. We are proud, that we are living and studying in a country that is very responsible and considered. Also we want to keep it that way or even become the top 3 donating countries. But first of all we want to have some fun. Most important for us is, that we are working together, as a community , so that everyone feels comfortable and that is the only way, that our goals are achievable. And you guys can help us with our very specific goal of making the world a better place and becoming part of the community. Now, first let us introduce our top two charities.


As the logo already reveals Terre Des Hommes helps children in difficult and dangerous situations but also wants to stop child exploitation in general. They are participating worldwide and already spread their word confidently. Terre des hommes is working with several charities together to help children follow a normal path and collect second-hand clothes that everyone can buy. They donate the money afterwards to make sure, that their dream of stopping child exploitation comes true.


Fashion Revolution is just four years old and already the world’s largest fashion activism movement. They are addressing every issue in the fashion industry and working together with a lot of organisations. They are introducing organisations such as ‘TRAID’; ‘the ethical fashion source’ and ‘labour behind the label’. TRAID for example is a charity that kind of addresses the same purpose, than Sixpence-Label. They want to stop people from throwing away unwanted clothes but rather donate them or reproduce. Besides they are raising funds to stop exploitation of people and the environment across the textile production. The ethical fashion source is the industry body for sustainability in fashion. Besides with their platform they inform people of all the options to live more sustainable. And Labour Behind the Label is an organisation that craves for change in the global garment industry. They are taking actions such as pressure companies to take responsibilities for their supply chains. They support garment workers in struggling situations and even addressing the government for taking actions.

There are too many charities that sound trustworthy? Choose the charity you feel like! One has to realize that every little bit helps. In developing countries, even a few euros/ dollars could result in a week’s worth of meals for a starving child and whatever you want to address or wherever you see the need of donation, it is always help needed.

We will launch who is going to be the charity we are going to donate to next week.

1. Charitable Giving Country




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